Soft Skills are the keys to advance your career!

Almost 60% of trades in 2030 do not yet exist, predicts a 2017 Ernest & Young study.

Your technical skills are no longer enough to be competitive on the job market. The future belongs to those who have developed their social skills as well as their technical skills.

Lack of communication, ego games, lack of vision or anticipation of market changes, these are what prevent the growth or proper functioning of an SME.

Soft skills push you to see the solution, rather than the problem.

Soft skills are the key to adapting, influencing or anticipating change

In my individual coaching and / or group training program the following skills will be developed (non-exhaustive list) :

  • active listening
  • questioning in curiosity without judgment
  • the ability to give feedback
  • sensitivity to sustainable development
  • to be solution oriented

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