“I recently called on Frank to help me with my career transition and the result is more than conclusive. After an efficient work on my Linked-in profile and on my CV, I quickly obtained several interviews to finally get the job of my dreams. In a few sessions, with professionalism and pragmatism, Frank knew how to capture my strengths and highlight them. He helped me with great efficiency to prepare for
my interviews, to enhance my career and my expertise. I can only recommend Frank to those looking for targeted and effective help. ”

Erwan Saouter, Director at WBSCD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

“Frank is an expert in the field of entrepreneurial coaching, he knows the dynamics of companies and management, which allows him to be extremely precise and clear in his coaching. I called Frank and I am delighted with his performance and wish to continue working with him. “

Isabelle Mayor, Digital Learning Manager at Rolex

« I have met Frank in his quality as trainer and coach and was impressed by his insights and his ability to convey theories of organizational development and sustainability in a simple and pragmatic way. Frank is a superb listener and he reserves his valuable punch lines for the end of a conversation making it all the more memorable. If you haven’t been in one of Frank’s classes, I warmly recommend you give a go! »

Daniel de Carvalho – Head of Corporate Communications, Scout 24, Switzerland

 “I have known Frank for about 15 years and he has always been serious and trustworthy. So I hired him for my company, and I couldn’t have made a better choice: a real eye-opener, always thinking out of the box and providing me with ways to generate ideas for the future of my company with invaluable results. I can only recommend his services to whom who is looking for the real thing !”

David Hadzis – Founder & Manager at Arthanor Productions – audio services & consulting | Project Manager at United Music Foundation

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