A person who learns his dismissal and / or who chooses to change his way usually goes through several difficult months. He risks losing his bearings, his social status, even his identity.

My goal is to help each of my clients for the necessary time, in order to find a position corresponding to their personality, their motivations, their skills and also to support each in carrying out their personal project.

I offer you unique and unrivaled services to support your professional but also personal transition. The coaches and coaches I work with are

    Only experienced executives, all confirmed and active CEOs

    Available 24/7

    People who exercise their coaching profession out of passion

My programs are results-oriented for your senior managers and go beyond the “simple” seizing of a new professional challenge.

So instead of traditional coaching, I offer you an understanding of your situation through an experience and therefore the method and the tools best suited to transform it into success.

Through my practical approach, I offer personalized services always focused on results.

So I offer modules to executives and managers, especially for their skills assessment and their definition of objectives.

My approach to the great peculiarity in the monitoring of executives throughout the achievement of objectives. That is, each person is followed as often and for as long as necessary. Participation in my various modules described briefly below provides permanent support for at least a dozen days. This over a period of several months.


I encourage and guide top managers to reflect more fully on their skills and experiences, to conduct an in-depth assessment of personal strengths and values ​​and I help them assess their future directions in a more holistic context. Professional profiling provides a very effective way for the individual to objectively assess their strengths and motivations, gather feedback from colleagues and former colleagues and, with the support of their coach, build a clearer self-portrait of the Personal Branding



At the top level, establishing, managing and developing your “personal brand” are becoming increasingly important factors in achieving an effective career transition. In today’s job market, social media tools such as LinkedIn are regularly used by corporate hunters and recruiters to select and “screen” candidates. Therefore positioning in these media and mastering their use becomes essential is vital.


Support during the successful high-level career transition goes beyond just taking advantage of a new opportunity. My Executive program includes continuous integration coaching and mentoring for three months after joining a new organization. To support the candidate in order to accelerate the integration process, establish objectives and support the achievement of key strategic priorities



Unlimited individual coaching sessions with a coach

From skills assessment to the recruitment interview, a career guidance expert is there at every stage.


A series of 6 workshops led by our coaches

Current workshops include: Personal Branding, Elevator Pitch, Networking, Winning Resumes and Cover Letters, Interview Simulation, Online Job Search, Becoming Independent and LinkedIn.


Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our coaches

This outplacement program is supplemented by support for problems such as stress, anxiety, confidence or doubts.



With 25 years of experience as an SME manager, graduated from a post grade in Management and Business Organization (CEFCO, Lsn.), Certified in NLP by the International NLP Organization, in Coaching and Mentoring by the Briefer Institute (Geneva). Frank worked for multinationals in Geneva and abroad and managed multimedia communication companies at the international level before turning to coaching and managerial training. He specializes in Career Orientation and Management of the human dimension in business. He regularly publishes articles concerning managerial coaching in “Le Monde Économique”. Languages ​​of intervention: French, German, English



With 20 years of loan experience as an SME manager, Training Engineer, with multiple diplomas, honors and certificates, Alain has managed international structures in Paris, Zurich and Geneva and has had his own company since 2009 training and coaching in Geneva. He specializes in Career Transition. He has been teaching and supporting high-level executives in their new positioning and in their new career for over 10 years. Languages ​​of intervention: French, German, English

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further informations


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