Management coaching

  • Soon  you will  take on new supervisory responsibilities … ?
  • Are you told that your management style is too directive ?
  • Do you need to develop your leadership ?
  • Not sure how to deal with tensions within your team ?


Managerial coaching can meet several needs. Among those I usually meet, it could be:

  • To support a manager in his new position,
  • Help him better position himself in his team,
  • To facilitate the development of its leadership,
  • To allow to gain in performance and ease.

Coaching aims to professionalize the manager in the exercise of his function thanks to:

  • A clarification of his vision and his values,
  • To get awareness of his own resources to transform them into forces and levers for development,
  • His ability to choose the most suitable managerial posture for himself, his team and the culture of his company,


Although the approach is defined each time according to the context and specific objectives, it systematically includes four main key phases:

  1. Pre-coaching which aims to analyze more precisely the initial request, and which makes it possible to define the main objectives of coaching. This step allows you to set the terms of the contract with the coachee.
  2. The diagnosis: an exploration from several angles of the different situations that the manager encounters and how he proceeds in these situations. This step leads to working sub-objectives.
  3. Exercises, training, scenarios, action plans. This step aims to record changes in practices and consolidate them for the future.
  4. The end of the mission: it aims to reinforce the achievements thanks to a “meta” position on the road traveled. It leads to a return with the company regarding the main initial objectives as defined in the contract.

In general, managerial coaching requires 10 two-hour sessions. Their frequency varies between one to two sessions per month depending on the phases. The whole process takes place over 5 months to 8 months.

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